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    For anyone still interested in the genetic code, the Journal of Molecular Evolution has articles on the evolution of the genetic code in the last two numbers.

    Tables of contents are available at


    Abstracts (or full articles, if you subscribe) available at

    David H. Ardell, Guy Sella:
    On the Evolution of Redundancy in Genetic Codes
    J Mol Evol 53 (2001) 4, 269-281

    Shigehiko Kanaya, Yuko Yamada, Makoto Kinouchi, Yoshihiro Kudo, Toshimichi Ikemura:
    Codon Usage and tRNA Genes in Eukaryotes: Correlation of Codon Usage Diversity with Translation Efficiency and with CG-Dinucleotide Usage as Assessed by Multivariate Analysis
    J Mol Evol 53 (2001) 4, 290-298

    Robin D. Knight, Laura F. Landweber, Michael Yarus:
    How Mitochondria Redefine the Code
    J Mol Evol 53 (2001) 4, 299-313

    Shin-ichi Yokobori, Tsutomu Suzuki, Kimitsuna Watanabe:
    Genetic Code Variations in Mitochondria: tRNA as a Major Determinant of Genetic Code Plasticity
    J Mol Evol 53 (2001) 4, 314-326

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