Re: What does the creation lack?

Date: Tue Oct 30 2001 - 20:09:50 EST

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    Tim Ikeda wrote:

    > We know that all formulations of QM are lacking key components that map
    > QM theory to the observed "macro-world" (or perhaps how it is that we
    > observer the world). I suspect that much of what we consider to be a non-
    > violation of QM theory today -- whether it's slugs on Phobos or energy-
    > less information transfer leading to the formation of new species -- will
    > turn out to be a problem for QM theory as it becomes better formulated.
    > Until then, invoking QM as an "out" for non-violating, form-imposing
    > intervention is close to meaningless for me.

    I gather that what you are saying is that our current
    understanding of QM is inadequate and invoking arguments
    about God's actions in the world sounds like what Ted Davis
    calls a "God of the Gaps (GG) strategy" (an argument
    from ignorance). That is in distinction to a the GG
    theology but is tottering near the same slippery slope.

    Also, since QM has observable consequences, you seem to
    be asking for is a tangible mechanism.
    We religious folk _might_ be able to say something about
    what God wants, but we seem to be in a far less clear
    position to understand what God is. It seems that the
    final decision remains a choice, particularly since coming
    back from the dead seems to be ruled out (Lk 16:19-31).

    I recently encountered an interesting article in Nature
    on the difference in the structure of classical and quantum

    Andreas Albrecht
    Quantum ripples in chaos
    Nature 412, 687 - 688 (16 August 2001)
    There is a corresponding article on that too.

    On the _extremely_ speculative side, one thing I am a
    bit curious about is _IF_ the "Great Holder of the Die"
    can actually tweak the sub-Planck structure just an
    infinitesimal amount on a large group of atoms, whether
    that can bring about control of events on a cosmic scale.

    That of course neither answers why that structure is there
    nor whether the "Great Holder of the Die" is in a position
    to manipulate it for any reason.

    by Grace we proceed,

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