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Date: Mon Oct 29 2001 - 17:57:38 EST

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    Glenn Morton wrote:
    >Judy Toronchuk wrote of my quote from Carl Baugh:
    >>Although I am in neuroscience I have never read anything
    >>about individuals responding to pink light, but I can tell
    >>you that norepinephrine (also called noradrenalin) is
    >>hardly a tranquilizer. It is structurally nearly
    >>identical to adrenalin and affects the body and brain in
    >>an almost identical manner.

    I know this is hair-splitting at the EM level, and I don't
    want to detract from a consideration of the awe-
    inspiring imbecility of Mr. Baugh's writings. But
    the statements above regarding norepinephrine and
    epinephrine are inaccurate. Norepi is, in fact, a
    powerful sedative if applied to the right cells
    in the brain. (For aficionados, this would be the
    locus coeruleus, the area of the brain that actually
    makes and secretes norepi. It turns out that
    an autofeedback loop activates alpha-2
    receptors on the same neurons and can shut
    down LC activity.) The structural similarity to
    epi is irrelevant: the effects of interest are
    controlled by the receptors, not by the
    chemical messengers themselves. The above
    statements suggest that norepi should be
    considered a stimulant just because it
    looks like epi, which is considered a
    stimulant. All these generalizations are
    flawed by attributing activity (in the
    brain especially) to the nature of the
    chemical messenger. Big mistake.
    Baugh makes it too, though he's so
    pervasively ignorant that it's hard to even
    attribute specific errors to his claims.

    >One shouldn't expect Baugh to pay much attention to
    >the science or to reality. That is what makes Baugh
    >such an interesting and entertaining individual.

    Mr. Baugh's abuses of science and reason are
    indeed perversely entertaining. I guess it would
    be funnier if it weren't so bloody easy to acquire
    credibility with otherwise measurably intelligent
    evangelicals. Sigh.

    Stephen Matheson
    Biology Department
    Calvin College

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