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    Alan asks about Bryant Wood. Here is what I know. He appears to have a valid
    archaeology degree from U of Toronto. This is from a bio

    "Creationist Archaeologist (and engineer)

    Dr Bryant G. Wood, B.S., M.S., M.A., Ph.D.

    Bryant Wood attended Syracuse University, graduating with a B.S. in
    mechanical engineering, later earning a M.S. in mechanical engineering from
    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy NY. In 1973 he left General
    Electric to pursue Biblical and archaeological studies resulting in an M.A.
    in Biblical History from the University of Michigan in 1974 and a Ph.D. in
    Syro-Palestinian archaeology from the University of Toronto in 1985. He is
    currently Director of the Associates for Biblical Research, Ephrata PA, and
    editor of their quarterly publication Bible and Spade. Dr. Wood is a
    specialist in Canaanite pottery of the Late Bronze Age. He is author of The
    Sociology of Pottery in Ancient Palestine: The Ceramic Industry and the
    Diffusion of Ceramic Style in the Bronze and Iron Ages (1990), as well as
    numerous articles on archaeological subjects. Dr. Wood received
    international media attention for his research on ancient Jericho, which
    demonstrated the historicity of the Biblical account of the capture of the
    city by the Israelites. Bryant and Faith Wood reside in Harrisburg,
    Pennsylvania. They have four married children and nine grandchildren."

    He got some press in an attempt to redate Jericho city IV. For a contrary
    view (also a YEC source,Gerald Aardsma) to his proposal see
    http://www.biblicalchronologist.org/qa/adb/bryantwood.htm. They note that
    Wood's attempted redating of Jericho IV contradicts modern radiocarbon dates
    of that city. And yet Wood seems to stick with his beliefs--not a good
    scientific procedure.

    Another site which disagrees with Wood, indeed says that if Wood is correct
    then every single archaeological site in the Middle East must be
    re-evaluated can be found at
    http://www.biblemysteries.com/lectures/jericho6/ (don't know much about
    Michael Sanders who wrote this but he appears conservative).

    A really harsh criticism of Woods position can be found at:
    http://www.askwhy.co.uk/awstruth/BiblicalArchaeology1.html They charge Wood
    with lying, but they do appear to be an anti-christian site.

    As was noted, Wood is the director of the ABR and as such, he should be
    responsible or largely in agreement with what is on his organization's web
    site and where his work is published.

    Dr. Wood has an article on the Answers in Genesis web site.

    This, along with his association with Baugh and Clifford Wilson makes it
    clear that he is of the YEC persuasion. Baugh is a real weirdo who wrote in
    one book that a pterodactyl was excavated alive from solid rock in a French
    site! Baugh has some of my favorite quotations of any YEC. Baugh writes:

    "On day number four, when the sun was created, the energy of the sun upon
    this hydrogen would have caused a gentle pink glow. . . .
            "The statement is made that this light 'ruled the day.' Scientists and
    researchers are finding that the most important color in the entire spectrum
    is pink. This is the color that is produced by energized hydrogen. They
    find that plants grow better under pink light and that individuals respond
    in mood to pink light. Researchers have found that when a person is
    affected by the right spectrum of pink light, the brain secrets
    norepinephren. Norepinephren is a natural tranquilizer and
    neurotransmitter. Before the flood, man was dominated by various spectra of
    pink light. The tranquility of his environment offered him the ability to
    have his brain work at maximum effieciency." ~ Carl Baugh, Panorama of
    Creation, (Oklahoma City: Southwest Radio Church, 1989), p. 50-51

    And :
    "NASA has found that when a red filter is used in space, the stars appear in
    beautiful color. [duh!--grm] This is exciting because God put the stellar
    bodies in space for signs, for days, for months and for years. We
    understand that by observing the rotation of the earth in relation to the
    movement of the sun and the moon, and other heavenly bodies, we can tell
    times. But now we can percieve that with the enhancement of the light,
    those before the flood could by the configuration of the stars, tell time at
    any moment. They would not need a Rolex watch; they would have something
    far better." ~ Carl Baugh, Panorama of Creation, (Oklahoma City: Southwest
    Radio Church, 1989), p. 61-62

    And my favorite(apart from the living pterodactyl out of a rock):
    "NASA discovered to their amazement that not only are these stars emitting
    radio wave energy, but that there is music on those radio waves of energy.
    NASA also discovered that not only is music emitted, but the music being
    emitted is in a major key. The music being emitted from these stars is
    harmonious. NASA compared the music being emitted from these star sources
    to the instruments of an orchestra that are all in tune with each other." p.
    "Each morning before the flood the radio wave signals from these stars, or
    'music,' could be heard on earth." ~ Carl Baugh, Panorama of Creation,
    (Oklahoma City: Southwest Radio Church, 1989), p. 65.

    Association with the likes of Baugh, of course, doesn't mean necessarily
    that Wood is bad, but it does call for caution when one wants to trust him
    for an unbiased opinion. How on earth a valid scientist could stand to be
    associated with the views of Baugh I would never know.
    Since Wood is the director, I assume he can exert some editorial control
    over his web site. So I cite the web site:

    The ABR site has articles by Paul Taylor, a well-known young-earther, who
    ignores geological evidence by the bucket load telling the reader that there
    was no asteroid that killed off the dinosaurs
    (http://www.christiananswers.net/dinosaurs/j-extinct2.html) and another that
    says that the dinosaurs were killed off by the global flood
    (http://www.christiananswers.net/dinosaurs/j-extinct3.html)The site also
    gives a false view of fossilization

    On one of the site's pages a colleagues engages in the 'slur your opponents
    motives' technique which has been perfected by the YECs. This colleague
    dismisses data which is contradictory to his opinion by sluring the motives
    of the researchers. He writes:

    ** begin quote
    "After their excavation, Nigro and Marchetti announced they found no
    evidence for a destruction from the time of Joshua. While it is too soon for
    the academic community to see details of their discoveries, their
    announcement suggests their excavation was conducted to disprove the
    Biblical account of Joshua’s capture of the city. Is it further possible
    that the Palestinian Authority supported this dig for the express purpose of
    denouncing any Jewish connection to the site?

    As to their evidence, Dr. Bryant Wood, Director of the Associates for
    Biblical Research and one of the leading experts on the archaeology of
    Jericho, recently responded. "It matters little what the Italian
    archaeologists did not find in their month-long dig. The evidence is already
    in. Three major expeditions to the site over the past 90 years uncovered
    abundant evidence to support the Biblical account," he said. As Wood went on
    to point out, John Garstang (l 930-1936) and Kathleen Kenyon (1952-1958)
    both dug at Jericho for six seasons and a German excavation directed by
    Ernst Sellin and Carl Watzinger dug for three. All found abundant evidence
    of the city’s destruction by fire in a layer related to the Biblical date of
    1400 BC. "
    **end quote**

    Admittedly these are his colleagues but it does seem that he surrounds
    himself with people of dubious quality. And the claim that he is one of the
    world's authorities on Jericho sounds a bit dubious as the list of
    publications seems to only have 2 articles on Jericho--one in BAR and the
    other in his own Bible and Spade.

    The web page has a creation/evolution part that says:


    The Associates for Biblical Research staff keeps current in the most recent
    scientific research and provides up-to-date information for our members
    through our publications and radio broadcasts. Topics regularly addressed
    include the latest in the creation/evolution debate, dinosaurs, the Flood,
    and the origin of the universe, earth and man. "

    Some of his articles are:
    1990 Did the Israelites Conquer Jericho? A New Look At the Archaeological
    Evidence. Biblical Archaeology Review 16.2: 44-56.
    1991 The Philistines Enter Canaan - Were They Egyptian Lackeys or
    Invading Conquerors? Biblical Archaeology Review 17.6: 44-52, 89-92.
    1997 The Role of Shechem in the Conquest Narrative. Pp. 245-256 in To
    Understand the Scriptures: Essays in Honor of William H. Shea, ed. David
    Merling. Berrien Springs, MI: Institute of Archaeology, Siegfried H. Horn
    Archaeological Museum, Andrews University.
    1999a Beth Aven: A Scholarly Conundrum. Bible and Spade 12: 101-108.
    1999b Kh. el-Maqatir 1999 Dig Report. Bible and Spade 12: 109-14.
    1999c The Search for Joshua's Ai: Excavations at Kh. El-Maqatir. Bible
    and Spade 12: 21-30.
    1999d The Walls of Jericho. Bible and Spade 12: 35-42.
    2000a Khirbet el-Maqatir, 1995-1998. Israel Exploration Journal 50:
    2000b Kh. el-Maqatir 2000 Dig Report. Bible and Spade 13: 66-71.
    Forthcoming Khirbet el-Maqatir, 1999. Israel Exploration Journal.

    Wood might be a legit archaeologist but he has a decided bias.

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