Moratorium reminder (was: FW: Achieving 103%)

Date: Fri Oct 26 2001 - 17:16:03 EDT

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    This thread has become yet another example of why discussion here on the topic of numerical patterns in the Bible has, and continues to be, unedifying and detrimental to this list. Exactly why I suggested a moratorium on this topic earlier this month, which we were doing a good job of observing until this thread. I beseech you both to stop (or at least take your argument to private e-mail).

    As a reminder, and to inform anybody who is new, in order to make this list more edifying, it has been suggested that we observe a moratorium, at least for the remainder of 2001, on postings on two specific topics that have proven on this list to lead to discussion that deteriorates into an unedifying mess:
    1) Numerical patterns in the Bible
    2) Scientific "proofs" of God

    Remember, folks, a key to making our moratorium successful, and thereby making this list tolerable again, will be to *ignore* anybody who posts messages on these topics. If you want to rebut them, do it by private e-mail. A second key will be to avoid the topics in your own postings -- even if you think it is a funny joke, others may not appreciate it or may be easily provoked.

    Allan Harvey,

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