Science/religion article featuring Bill Phillips

Date: Fri Oct 26 2001 - 14:21:46 EDT

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    There's an interesting article in the Washington Times about a recent science/religion conference at Harvard. It is at:

    At the beginning of the article, and then again near the end, are some wise comments from 1997 Physics Nobelist Bill Phillips, keynote speaker at an ASA Conference a few years ago. I particularly liked this observation which gets at one of the problems many of us have with what George M. would call "independent natural theology":

    "Let's imagine we do learn a lot more, and it is really pointing us to the idea of a Creator," Mr. [sic] Phillips said. "It's difficult to see how that will point to a Creator who wants a personal relationship with us, who loves us, who wants us to love each other, who has expectations for us that come to us by the wisdom of Scriptures."

    Allan Harvey,

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