Re: What does the creation lack?

From: Howard J. Van Till (
Date: Fri Oct 26 2001 - 13:20:19 EDT

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    >From: "bivalve" <>

    > Is there any particular reason to assume that God made these choices and
    > injected new information in the course of creation history, rather than
    > having created everything so as to bring about these events? Is there a
    > way to tell the difference? How much difference is there, with God
    > sustaining, maintaining, cooperating with, etc. all that happens?

    Ruest asserts that such "informing" action was essential because of the
    "transastronomical improbability" of the creation doing it without divine
    assistance. In the spirit of the ID movement, he judges that there must be
    some non-natural way for information to be introduced from the outside.

    I'm wondering how others on this list might evaluate that proposition. Do
    we, for example, have any right to claim that we are able to compute the
    actual values of the relevant probabilities?

    > The former would require something similar to the hidden variable
    > interpretation of quantum events, if I have the terminology correct.
    > However, the hidden variable determining the outcome of the event could be
    > God's foreordination rather than anything theoretically accessible by physics.

    If I understand Ruest correctly, he would put "on site action" in place of

    > There is also some correlation with the Calvinist-Arminian spectrum, an
    > issue that we probably are not predestined to settle here.

    Right. Given the difficulty of settling small issues, really big puzzles are
    not likely to be solved.


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