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From: Moorad Alexanian (
Date: Thu Oct 25 2001 - 20:51:49 EDT

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    Letter in our local newspaper--The Wilmington Star.

    Letters to the editor
    October 16, 2001

    Uneven aid

    EDITOR: Bad P.R. is the answer Rep. Tom Lantos, D-Calif., gives to his own
    question, “Why is it that from the streets of Jakarta in Indonesia to Pakistan
    to scores of other countries, the white venom of hate is oozing in a
    singularly ugly and sickening fashion?” (“Lawmakers: Bad P.R. to blame for bad
    image,”Oct. 11.)

    Perhaps the answer to his question lies in the U.S. foreign aid policies.

    Between military and economic grants (not loans), Israel received $2.82
    billion in 2001. For a population of 6.2 million (1999), the annual per capita
    grants to Israel is $455.

    Equal treatment would require Egypt, with an estimated population of 69.5
    million in 2001, to receive annual grants of $31.6 billion. In fact, it
    received only $2.0 billion.

    Indonesia, with a population of 115 million (1995), ought to receive annual
    grants of $52.3 billion.

    The U.S. aid allocation for the whole of Asia was $431 million in 2000!

    Moorad Alexanian

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    >Jon said:
    >Many countries voted for the state of Israel, most countries maintain
    >good relations with it - so why are they not the same target?
    >Lucy responds:
    >Because they do not control oil. That's what this is about. As George
    >likes to say, "Make no mistake about it."

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