Reckless Permissiveness

From: Lucy Masters (
Date: Thu Oct 25 2001 - 18:45:30 EDT

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    Dick wrote:

    If we continue to engage in reckless permissiveness and call it
    "freedom" we can continue to expect an unending supply of "martyrs."

    Lucy responds:

    I feel the same way about your post as I do about Chuck's. I agree with
    your facts. Our country has become insultingly permissive. I'm
    offended almost every day by something I see on TV, at my son's school,
    and on the net. Yet, I cannot agree with your analysis.

    I do not believe we were attacked because of our way of life. Did you
    know, for example, that Osama has an outrageous reputation in Beirut for
    drunkenness and an obsession with prostitutes? Did you know that Ramsi
    Yousef had a reputation in Malaysia and the Phillippines for his
    inability to control his lust for women and his love of drugs? These
    are **not** guys who give a damn about the way our women dress or our
    drug culture. In fact, they are actively involved in promoting our drug

    No...these are guys who are after power. The Afghan women are forced to
    dress the way they do not for the cause of modesty, but because it is a
    clever way to subdue 52% of the population. Just cover them up and
    stick them in the house. All that stuff about a holy society is crap.
     They drink, they rape, they murder, they whip and abuse women and
    children, and are not one bit better behaved than our worst street
    gangs. As far as the suicide thing goes...that is misrepresented in the
    press, too. Yes...some of these guys are stupid enough (truly - low
    IQs) to fall for the instant heaven routine, but that is not the entire
    picture. Many of these guys are simply loosers who have been provided
    with the opportunity for their families to earn money. This is because
    martyrs' families receive income after the death of their "suicide
    bomber." And another significant percentage go along with their
    mandates because their families are threatened.

    It's all about power. And my vote is for the US to win.


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