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Date: Thu Oct 18 2001 - 18:47:34 EDT

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    On Wed, 17 Oct 2001 wrote:

    > Gordon noted,
    > <<Although the early church fathers apparently believed that the Flood was
    > global, it appears that some of them realized that there were some
    > problems associated with this view. Ambrose, for example, in considering
    > Genesis 8:1 observed that there is a lot of wind on the ocean, but sea
    > level is not dropping. Therefore he decided that the wind (or breath or
    > spirit in the Hebrew) referred to the Holy Spirit, a view that perhaps
    > noone holds today.>>
    > I cannot see the logical connection between the understanding of ruah as the
    > Holy Spirit instead of wind in Gen 8:1 and the extent of the Flood.

    There is no connection. Neither I nor Ambrose nor anyone else I know of
    thought there was a connection between the Holy Spirit and the extent of
    the Flood. It is unfortunate that I used the word `therefore', which may
    have suggested that there was.

    The possible connection is between wind and the extent of the Flood. Wind
    would not cause a drop in the level of a global ocean. On the other hand,
    to take an extreme example in the opposite direction, wind could help to
    dry up a puddle. It is because he believed that the Flood was global that
    Ambrose came up with what seems to me like a bizarre interpretation of
    Gen. 8:1.

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