Fw: a new fundamentalism vs. evolution

From: Don Munro (don@asa3.org)
Date: Thu Oct 18 2001 - 11:58:16 EDT

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    From: Joseph Lechner <Joseph.Lechner@mission.mvnc.edu>
    To: don@asa3.org <don@asa3.org>
    Date: Monday, October 15, 2001 2:50 PM
    Subject: a new fundamentalism vs. evolution


      I would really appreciate it if you could forward this link to
    several ASAers who would be in a better position than I am to
    respond rationally to it. I was really surprised to receive
    unsolicited email from persons I have never met who made the
    assertion that "evolution" is to blame for the World Trade Center

    I responded to the sender, trying to make a distinction between
    science theories and "isms", but he disagreed and referred me to
    http://www.hyahya.org/disaster1.php as the source of his ideas.
    I have tried to make the point that blaming a scientific idea for
    terrorism is about as fair as blaming all Moslems for it. (this
    prejudice exists, and innocent people are being harmed by it, but
    it is unjust).

    Anyway, this would be an opportunity for ASA to be a voice of
    reason crying in the wilderness, if we could respond to the issue
    on the web site. Whom shall we send?

    Best regards,

    Joseph H. Lechner, Ph.D.
    Professor of Chemistry
    Mount Vernon Nazarene College
    800 Martinsburg Road
    Mount Vernon, OH 43050-9500
    [740] 397-9000 extension 3211

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