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Date: Thu Oct 18 2001 - 11:45:20 EDT

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    Some correction may be in order. As my post came back across my
    screen, I noticed that Alfred Oelson said they had posted "replies"
    rather than a reply. That might explain why they did not answer 2 and
    3 in the link he provided.



    > From: alfred oelson <>
    > Subject: Re: NCSE Contacts Every Living Scientist
    > The Discovery Institute has posted replies to Ken
    > Miller. E.g. here's one on the genetic code:

    I am not trained in evo. biology or genetics so assessing things like
    this is difficulty. Nevertheless, my impression after reading both
    together was that they avoided answering much of the substance of
    Miller's critique. My quick read showed no response to Miller's
    strikes two and three.

    More importantly, Miller accused Discovery Institute (DI)of
    misrepresenting the results of a paper by Robin D. Knight, Stephen
    J. Freeland and Laura F. Landweber, and quoted Landweber as stating,
    "That is indeed a horrible misinterpretation, because it is clear,
    particularly in the tree in our paper and in others, that each
    nonstandard code is a subtle derivative of the standard genetic code
    and that all codes are derived from it." Without mentioning that one
    of the co-authors says that the DI misrepresented the paper, the DI
    response states that "Miller completely misrepresents Knight et al.?s
    composite phylogeny of genetic codes." One would get the impression
    from reading the DI's reply that Knight would agree with DI's
    characterization of Miller. While this does not answer the more
    technical question, it would seem to cast doubt on the trustworthiness
    of the author? Shouldn't a reader know that the author they are using
    to support their case feels that they are misrepresenting the
    substance of the paper?

    Have others that have some technical knowledge looked at this?

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    Joel W. Cannon | (724)223-6146
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