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    >The Discovery Institute has posted replies to Ken
    >Miller. E.g. here's one on the genetic code:

    This persists in the same sort of misrepresentation as
    before. My recent post on the universal code gives some
    details of how the deviations from the universal code fit into
    an evolutionary view.

    The objections to Miller's metaphor of British versus
    American languages reflect the limits of the metaphor to
    some degree. However, in replying the DI also fails to
    recognize any difference between an intelligent and
    unintelligent reader. It is true that a person should not have
    trouble reading color versus colour, though he might have
    trouble with lift versus elevator, whereas the ribosome will
    get the wrong amino acid, given a gene using a
    non-standard code. However, a spell checker will have just
    as much trouble with colour versus color.

    The DI reply, following some YECs (perhaps convergently)
    also tries to misrepresent convergence as
    anti-evolutionary. Selection is expected to produce

    The reason that overly broad claims about a universal
    genetic code can give an opening for "creationists" is
    because of the opportunity to misrepresent this as a false
    claim by "evolutionists".

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