The origin of the Cross

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Date: Thu Oct 18 2001 - 08:38:50 EDT

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    Francis Dickinson wrote:
    > George Hammond apparently wrote:
    > >
    > > GH; A starfish is an echinoderm, and all echinoderms have
    > > a larval stage that is as bilateral as you are, including
    > > Starfish. Only the Jellyfish are radial, and they don't have
    > > legs. 30 out of the 33 animal Phylums are bilateral,
    > > only the 3 lowest (Jellyfish) are "Radial" and they have
    > > no legs. Ergo, 4-LEGS is the minimum for an animal, and
    > Because you can not find one (slugs?) means that there is proven to be
    > none. What the heck is that view doing on sci.math? (or even either
    > sci.physics group?)
    > > The reason for this ultimately is the Riemannian
    > > structure of space. Sorry, it's an axiomatic law of Physics,
    > > you can stop searching for a 3-Legged animal, there is none.
    > Possibly you take it as an axiom, but in maths we are taught to examine the
    > axioms carefully.
    > Francis

      Well I wish you'd examine this axiom for us because it
    explains the existence of the Cross of Christianity. I
    simply think it's important to know that the Cross has an
    axiomatic physics reason for existing, which points to
    the real miracle of Calvary.
      There's a reason this thread is on 2 physics NG's- namely,
    there IS a physics reason why there is no 3-legged animal,
    or more accurately, why FOUR is the minimum number of Limbs
    (legs) for an animal. The REASON for this, it turns out,
    extends all the way to the fundamentals of General
    Relativity and differential geometry. To wit:

    1. Real space is Riemannian BECAUSE a Riemannian space
        is locally Euclidean (in 3D), and as we all know
        Euclidean Space is the space of Rigid Body Rotations.
        Essentially, you can not rotate a Rigid Body in anything
        but a Euclidean Space, because a rotation matrix
        describes a QUADRATIC form, and by definition, a
        Riemannian-Euclidean space is a space with a QUADRATIC
        METRIC. So this is the physical reason that REAL space
        is forced by Nature to be Riemannian-Euclidean.

    2. Secondly, we know for a fact that there are
        only a limited number of "simple" coordinate
        systems possible in a Euclidean Space:


    3. Thirdly, we point out that all "simple machines"
        in Mechanics are simply mechanical realizations
        of these elementary coordinate systems:

            Cartesian = Building block (brick, board)
            Polar = Gears, wheel
            Cylindrical = Screw, Piston
            Spherical = Ball bearing, Jib boom
            Cartesian = Plants, Animals, houses, cars
                            airplanes, T.V., Typewriter

    4. Finally, of the simple machines above, we see
        that the "Cartesian Machine", that is the 3-Axis
        orthogonal machine is the "simplest" to mechanically
        realize. This is WHY the human body is a 3-Axis
        orthogonal (Cartesian) Machine (human skeleton).
        This then of course explains the existence of the
        Cross of Christianity. The Cross is simply the
        Cartesian Coordinate System itself, and is in fact
        the Body Plan of all living things including Man.
        therefore it is the symbol, or image, of "God".

    5. It follows directly that if you want to support a
        3-Axis Cartesian machine (square machine) on a
        plane by means of "legs", and the structure is
        already a quadrate structure in any orthogonal
        crossection, that 4-LEGS is the most easily
        mechanically realized and the most stable.
        I.e., a "cross" is the Crossection of a square.

    6. Therefore, we see that the REASON that the (minimum)
        number of Legs for an animal is FOUR, or to put it
        more dramatically, There is no such thing as a
        3-legged animal. this for instance is why a car
        has 4-wheels, same reason a horse has 4-legs.
        Axiomatic Cartesian geometry, NOT Natural Selection.

    7. Finally, it should be pointed out that this is
        due to Occam's Razor, NOT Natural Selection.
        Nature simply chooses the "simplest" mechanical
        option available. Moreover, this structure is
        based on axiomatic GEOMETRY and therefore is
        "immune to Evolution", in fact, you might say,
        it is ordained by God.

    Now, if you would like to analyze some axioms, please
    be my guest and give us your analysis of the above
    axiomatic analysis of why "the image of Man" is a
    Cross (Cartesian Coordinate System). And I suggest
    you start with the matter of the necessity of Rigid
    Body Rotation in the real world.

    PS: Helmholtz was the first to notice this rationale
         for why REAL space must be Riemannian, see:

    Be sure to visit my website below
    George Hammond, M.S. Physics

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