Re: I am not an apostate.

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Date: Wed Oct 17 2001 - 17:58:21 EDT

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    Are they the "christian" equivalent of bin Laden?

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    Subject: I am not an apostate.

    > I just ran into a new site on the web where it is claimed that I am an
    > apostate. I am and have been a Christian for 30+ years, I believe in the
    > commonly held gospel that the way of salvation is through Jesus Christ.
    > That being said, I am surprised to learn of what I consider a libelous and
    > slanderous claim, that I am an apostate. It is to be found at
    > which says:
    > "Does the geologic column exist anywhere on Earth?
    > (Creation Ex Nihilo Technical Journal article by John Woodmorappe,
    > on creationist True Origins site, refuting claims by the apostate Glenn
    > Morton) "
    > I was aware of the claim by Russel Humphreys, that I was an "apostate
    > creationist"
    > which is in some restricted sense true--I used to be a creationist and I
    > have left young-earth creationism. But it seems that Humphreys claim has
    > encouraged Ken Ham's organization to drop the 'creationist' and just call
    > an 'apostate'.
    > I would ask for Answers in Genesis to remove these references to me being
    > apostate from their web site and issue an apology to me for making things
    > which are not true and indeed hurt my ability to sell any books or get my
    > articles published in christian journals.

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