Participants in evolution "debate" in Lancaster, PA

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Date: Wed Oct 17 2001 - 17:15:46 EDT

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    >Participants: Donald Wise and Rogert Thomas (Franklin & Marshall College) vs Joseph Calkins and William Curtis (Institute for Scientific & Biblical Research)<

    Institute for Scientific and Biblical Research seems to be a local young-earth organization, based on a quick web search (I could not find their website, but it is listed in a young-earth directory). Roger Thomas has done some fine paleontological work (as expected for someone with interests in mollusks ;). He provided some encouragement for me when I meantioned on the Paleonet email list that the conventional scientific establishment could do a better job of not sounding atheistic. Don Wise has an article, originally in American Scientist, a version of which is at
    which proposes a strategy for opposing young-earth creationism. I would not agree with all of it, but it should be better than having someone guided by Dawkins.

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