I am not an apostate.

From: Glenn Morton (glenn.morton@btinternet.com)
Date: Thu Oct 18 2001 - 00:39:19 EDT

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    I just ran into a new site on the web where it is claimed that I am an
    apostate. I am and have been a Christian for 30+ years, I believe in the
    commonly held gospel that the way of salvation is through Jesus Christ.

    That being said, I am surprised to learn of what I consider a libelous and
    slanderous claim, that I am an apostate. It is to be found at


    which says:
    "Does the geologic column exist anywhere on Earth?
    (Creation Ex Nihilo Technical Journal article by John Woodmorappe, published
    on creationist True Origins site, refuting claims by the apostate Glenn
    Morton) "

    I was aware of the claim by Russel Humphreys, that I was an "apostate

    which is in some restricted sense true--I used to be a creationist and I
    have left young-earth creationism. But it seems that Humphreys claim has
    encouraged Ken Ham's organization to drop the 'creationist' and just call me
    an 'apostate'.

    I would ask for Answers in Genesis to remove these references to me being an
    apostate from their web site and issue an apology to me for making things up
    which are not true and indeed hurt my ability to sell any books or get my
    articles published in christian journals.

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