Re: NCSE Contacts Every Living Scientist

From: Howard J. Van Till (
Date: Wed Oct 17 2001 - 12:36:47 EDT

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    >From: Joel Peter Anderson <>

    > ? Sorry; I didn't mean to say (or even imply) NCSE was slimy.

    OK, glad to hear that.

    > Looking at
    > their website, they were, um, a bit riled at the Discovery Institute's
    > response to the PBS Evolution series.

    The question is, Why were they riled, and was their reaction warranted? I
    think Ken Miller demonstrated that they had a right to be frustrated by DI's
    misrepresentation of the PBS Evolution series.

    > This piece just looked like an
    > "Onion"-esque takeoff of the NCSE bulletins.

    My question on the last post was:

    Does this [Mr. Roy's post] strike anyone as something that "would fit right
    into the this [NCSE] list with nary a ripple..."? More seriously, what sort
    of message about the Christian community is most likely to be conveyed by
    the 16 October 2001 post?

    Howard Van Till

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