Omega Minus? and Bye Bye

Date: Wed Oct 17 2001 - 00:32:25 EDT

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    This will be my last post for a while (say ... uhhhh .... 2.5 months or so) if its clear that no one wishes to pursue this topic after this note. But I didn't want to leave without a few "last words." :-)


    In my last post I predicted the sevenfold canonical structure of the Holy Bible using nothing but

    1) A Model
    2) Two Initial Conditions
    3) Two Symmetry Constraints.

    This is precisely the same pattern followed by many of the greatest scientific discoveries of the last century.

    What will it take to get these ideas discussed?

    If you want to argue that its Post hoc - that won't work. I studied the structure of the Wheel for five years before discovering the symmetric pattern of the Canon. This places the Bible Wheel Model squarely in the center of pure science. It has led to a discovery of new biblical knowledge. In other words, I didn't look at the sevenfold structure of the Canon and ask myself "How can I make a model that will fit this?" I had other reasons for studying the Bible Wheel Model - it was yielding abundant fruit in many other areas. But even if I had "backwards engineered" the model, that in no way undermines it validity. Think of how many famous models in physics have been massaged and manipulated until they fit the data! And then they made novel predictions - Omega Minus!

    Anyway - I really shouldn't have to explain all this. Its common knowledge in the Philosophy of Science, is it not?

    And with that I bid adieu!

    If anybody wants to discuss these matters, they certainly know how to contact me privately.

    So God Bless!

    And remember - we have already entered into Christ - we are seated in the Heavenly Places with Him now at this very moment, so there is a very, very, very good reason to .......

    Rejoice Forevermore!

    Richard Amiel McGough


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