Re: relativity and age of cosmos

Date: Mon Oct 15 2001 - 20:32:14 EDT

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    Ted Davis wrote:

    > The idea of linking relativity (GTR in this case) with a "literal"
    > interpretation of early Genesis and thus "explaining" the old age of the
    > universe (which is taken as genuine in this particular interpretation) has
    > been promoted by the Israeli physicist Gerald Schroeder, a former researcher
    > at MIT who has published books and web materials giving very interesting
    > versions of OEC. This may be what Wayne Dawson has in mind.

    Actually, the former posts from Howard Van Till and Jim
    Hoffman basically hit on what I was trying to find. On
    the other hand, this is also helpful, because I have only
    encountered skeptic book reviews on Schroeder's work
    (the 90 degree slant variety, aka: not even a slope).

    in God's Grace,

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