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From: Vernon Jenkins (
Date: Mon Oct 15 2001 - 18:16:42 EDT

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    I here address two of the points you made when you last wrote.

    (1) In response to my statement,

    I'm not sure what to make of your closing sentence. How about the
    'wisdom' of subjecting God's revelation to the demands of a doctrine
    which has captivated and inspired those atheistic monsters of recent
    history, Hitler and Stalin?

    you offer the somewhat trite rejoinder,

    I know of a man who rejected the theory of evolution & today is in
    prison for robbing a liquor store!

    Allow me therefore to put the matter a little more succinctly. Where is
    the logic in believing that the opposites, 'survival of the fittest' and
    'thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself', are able to live together
    amicably, and on equal terms? Clearly, such a 'shot-gun' marriage must
    require one party to defer completely to the other - for as the Lord
    points out, "No man can serve two masters:..." (Mat.6:24). Your average
    atheist appears to understand the absurdity of the union quite well -
    but, strangely, not the Christian disposed to accept evolution's dubious
    scientific credentials!

    George, I put it to you again: are you really exercising 'wisdom' when
    you accept and propagate this doctrine?

    (2) Then, in response to my statement,

    Again, speaking of God's 'fingerprints', what is now your considered
    opinion regarding the explosive package of numerics that inhabits the
    Hebrew of Genesis 1:1? In my view they have much to tell us about the
    character of God, of his _modus operandi_ , and more (leading even to
    the destruction of the wisdom of the wise!?) - hard information we can
    hardly afford to spurn in these hazardous days!

    you say,
    We have already established that the destruction of the wisdom of the
    wise takes place through the crucified Christ. I suggest that
    concentration on the cross and its implications will be far more
    profitable than any numerics.

    But as you must know, I have never claimed Bible numerics (as presented
    on my website) to be a substitute for the gospel. How could they be? The
    very idea is absurd! You appear to be missing the fundamental truth that
    they are an _integral part_ of God's revelation to man. In particular,
    the coordinated geometries of Gen.1:1 strongly convey the impression of
    having been deliberately contrived, first to capture our attention, and
    thereafter to achieve some serious end. To date, no naturalistic
    explanation of these phenomena has been forthcoming - nor can there be
    in the circumstances! Thus, by a process of elementary logic we deduce
    they are there by divine intent.

    George, surely, your natural curiosity as a man, and as a Christian ( =
    'lover of truth') and physicist, must lead you to inquire further.



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