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Date: Sun Oct 14 2001 - 18:14:29 EDT

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    Hamid Aziz wrote:

    > > Dear Hamid Aziz:
    > > I have read your letter below and added my comments therein.
    > > I have posted this letter to Usenet where a discussion is
    > > going on entitled "Relativistic proof of Allah". I invite
    > > you to reply to me there.

    [Hamid Aziz]
    > Thankyou for your reply.
    > I have posted a reply to the newsgroups mentioned in your e-mail.
    > I do not know which Usenet site you are referring to above.

    I have not been able to locate your post on any of the Usenet newsgroups.
    I am very anxious to see your comments.
      Several months ago I created my own Usenet Newsgroup named:


    dedicated to discussions of proofs of God. Please check and see if
    your Internet Provider carries this group (you can ask them to add
    it if not, and they usually will without any fuss). We can post
    freely there and can crosspost from there to other specialty Newsgroups
    as necessary.
      Meanwhile, please send me a copy of your post by direct email so
    that I can see it. Also, please include an email copy to me of any
    Usenet posts on this subject that you might make in the future to be
    sure I receive it.

    [Hamid Aziz]
    > When you get the time you might look into a chapter of mine
    > entitled "5-Structural Logic" which you might find interesting. It appears
    > to have some relevance to your thesis but I am not yet sure how.
    > This can be found on my website, address below, in a downloadable
    > self-extracting file called Book 6 of "The Alternative Way"
    > Click on Zipped MSWord files.
    > Hamid S. Aziz

    I have downloaded and read Chapter-5 of Book-6. I appreciate
    that you have some cognizance of scientific matters as well
    as Theology.
      The entire Chapter appears to me to be a discussion of what
    I call the "Trinity and the Quadrature" which is the basic
    structure of all Religion.
       Interestingly, all governments of the World are structural
    copies of this Religious structure, and are embodied in what
    is commonly referred to as "The Three Branches of Government
    and the Bicameral/2-Party System". The existence of this
    universal structure in the World's 250 existing governments
    is perhaps the most powerful evidence outside of Religion for
    the real existence of the Trinity and the Quadrature.
       The Trinity describes the "dynamics" of Religion, while
    the Quadrature describes the "structure" of Religion. You
    describe the Trinity in terms of Allah and Man and their

    Suppose we think of X1 as Allah, the Real Self
    or the Higher faculties associated with it; X3
    denotes the world around us or to the physical
    body. The three letters may be regarded as
    referring to a person's psychological, social
    and physical life.

    This compares identically to the scientific interpretation
    which identifies the Trinity with the basic cybernetic loop
    (known as the control loop):

    God----------------------------------> Man
            ^ |
            | |
            | |
            | |
                Holy Ghost


    As you may know this loop is controlled by the universal equation:

               G = -----
                   1 + A

    and with infinite gain (A --> infinity) we have the celebrated
    result that G --> 1 (man attains godliness perfection). The
    "positive and negative" that you refer to is the classically
    known "negative feedback" that appears in this loop.
       This is the scientific explanation of your statement:

    5. The achievement of Unity is development towards

    In fact, the above equation can be used to easily derive the
    sigmoidal curve for the celebrated Secular Trend which was
    discovered 50 years ago, and is in fact, a graph of Man's
    physical progress towards God/Allah (Human Progress so called).

      Concerning the Quadrature, I was interested in your "Cubic
    Model" of this. in the figure below I have compared your
    theoretical structure to the Cubic structure that has actually
    been empirically proven (and theoretically explained) in

    This structure is known as the celebrated "Structural Model" in
    Psychology, and is of course, as my discovery shows, a direct
    proof of the "Quadrature" in Religion (Cross, 4-Gospel Canon,
    Kabbaca, BI/2P System, 4-humors of Hippocrates, 4-Elements etc.)

    Before the present scientific and material age
    all phenomena on earth were explained in terms
    of just four elements, namely:- fire, air, water
    and earth.

      We have a great deal to talk about obviously. But we
    must keep in mind what the objective of these discussions are:
    Namely, the issue of whether or not a scientific proof of
    God/Allah has been discovered.
       Needless to say, if it has, and I'm sure it has, it is of
    the utmost urgency and significance to world peace and the
    emancipation of the Third World.
       I am looking forward to reading your post which I was unable
    to locate, please email me a copy, and also email a BCC of any
    future Newsgroup posts that you make concerning this subject.
       I consider this fortuitous contact between a Christian and
    a Moslem theologian to be very portentous and important.

    George Hammond

    Hamid S. Aziz

    Be sure to visit my website below
    George Hammond, M.S. Physics

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