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Date: Sat Oct 13 2001 - 20:52:54 EDT

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    Vernon Jenkins wrote:

    > George,
    > I concede that my statement, "I therefore suggest that in 1Cor.1:19 Paul
    > is speaking of what _must_ eventually occur on earth _because of the
    > cross_.", is an incomplete rendering of the verse. Because the
    > Apostle's words are here addressed to a particular body of believers it
    > follows that the 'ever present truth' - propagated through preaching -
    > viz that Christ and his gospel have overcome the 'wisdom of the world' -
    > was information that could only have been apprehended by the
    > _spiritually discerning_ . In other words, the unbeliever must
    > necessarily remain forever ignorant of the fact that the 'wisdom of the
    > wise' _in this sense_ has been destroyed. That is why I look to at
    > least one further stage in the complete fulfilment of Isaiah's prophecy
    > - believing the failure of worldly wisdom is destined to be witnessed
    > and acknowledged by all mankind.
    > I'm not sure what to make of your closing sentence. How about the
    > 'wisdom' of subjecting God's revelation to the demands of a doctrine
    > which has captivated and inspired those atheistic monsters of recent
    > history, Hitler and Stalin?

            I know of a man who rejected the theory of evolution & today is in
    prison for robbing a liquor store!
            In a more serious vein, my closing sentence will be clearer if you
    read my article in Perspectives that I referred to earlier, as well as to a
    number of other publications.

    > One gathers that the evidences for evolution
    > must indeed be overwhelming! I am therefore interested to know which of
    > these you consider to be the most compelling.
    > Again, speaking of God's 'fingerprints', what is now your considered
    > opinion regarding the explosive package of numerics that inhabits the
    > Hebrew of Genesis 1:1? In my view they have much to tell us about the
    > character of God, of his _modus operandi_ , and more (leading even to
    > the destruction of the wisdom of the wise!?) - hard information we can
    > hardly afford to spurn in these hazardous days!

            We have already established that the destruction of the wisdom of
    the wise takes place through the crucified Christ. I suggest that
    concentration on the cross and its implications will be far more profitable
    than any numerics.



    George L. Murphy
    "The Science-Theology Interface"

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