Letter to Hamid Aziz

From: George Hammond (ghammond@mediaone.net)
Date: Sat Oct 13 2001 - 20:52:14 EDT

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    Dear Hamid Aziz:

       I have read your letter below and added my comments therein.
    I have posted this letter to Usenet where a discussion is
    going on entitled "Relativistic proof of Allah". I invite
    you to reply to me there.
       In the meanwhile, it is my opinion that religion cannot
    stand still, it must move forward. The current international
    tension between Christianity and Islam cannot be resolved within
    the framework of existing historical dogma. We need a Miracle.
       I have proposed that such a Miracle has actually happened,
    that a scientific proof of God/Allah has been discovered. It
    is my belief that this is the miraculous religious breakthrough
    that will allow the universal ecumenical unification of the
    world's religions, including a revival of religion in the
    Communist world.
       Obviously, the Communist Atheistic tradition in Russia and
    China will never allow a return of classical religion in those
    countries, but it is my hope that a scientific proof of God
    will be found acceptable to the Communist world, and will once
    again bring the entire body of civilization back into the
    unified religious hope of mankind. Obviously, the only hope in
    the long run for the Third World is exactly such a miracle. I
    am of the opinion that Islam has picked up the scent of such an
    impending miracle, and that that is a major factor in the
    current situation. That is why I am talking to you.
       First of all, don't for one minute think that I am proposing
    that I am some kind of a prophet, savior or genius. Obviously
    not. In fact, the scientific discovery which I have stumbled
    on quite accidentally is in fact based on:

    1. 100 years of published Psychometry research.
    2. 150 years of published Biology research.
    3. 85 years of published Relativity research.
    4. 3,000 years of published Theology research.

    Obviously then, in the face of that mountainous human effort,
    mine is but a small contribution. However, it is vital, because
    I am the one who has accidentally stumbled on the unification
    of all this mighty research. And that was no accident.
       Therefore, I plead with you Sir, not to consider this theory
    to be the pipe dream of an amateur, or some overnight hair brained
    idea. It is not. It is an absolutely classical, by the book,
    traditional hard science discovery.


    [Hamid Aziz]
    I have read a few of the articles on your site.
    I will study the other articles.
    But you might be interested in preliminary comments

    Interesting and probably has some truth in it.

    Your comment is more sober than those which I have
    received from my fellow Christians.

    [Hamid Aziz]
    But the writer has assumed a concept of God which is not compatible with
    Islam. God is not a perfected man. That is called "Insan Kamil". He would be
    a person conscious of God.

    This is only a first impression. Let me make it absolutely
    clear that my discovery involves no "new definitions of God".
    It is in fact nothing more than a scientific explanation, and
    therefore scientific proof, of the existing God of Christianity
    and Islam. This discovery confirms, in every single detail,
    every dogma, every Canon, every Scripture, and every belief of
    every existing major religion in the world, bar none. Anyone
    who asserts otherwise does not comprehend the scientific discovery
    and is therefore mistaken.

    [Hamid Aziz]
    Allah is the Creator of the Universe, the self-existing Absolute Reality
    before the Universe came into existence.

    Correct. Scientifically confirmed.

    [Hamid Aziz]
    Yes, it is the Islamic thesis that man was made perfect, but he fell owing
    to malfunctions (sins) and is now slowly climbing back. Something happened
    in early history which caused this - some kind of natural disaster.

    There is no doubt that Sin took an awesome upturn at
    some early point in the history of civilization,
    probably soon after the widespread circulation of money.

    [Hamid Aziz]
    There are 7 heavens and God is beyond these.

    Scientifically confirmed.

    [Hamid Aziz]
    These 7 heavens should be
    regarded as 7 levels or orders of
    existence and correspond to 7 levels of consciousness by which they become

    Scientifically confirmed.

    [Hamid Aziz]
    The idea that Gravity is God would be unacceptable. It is, however, a
    product of the Will of God.

    Again you underestimate the power of what has been
    discovered. This discovery recognizes that Physics
    does not claim to explain the a priori existence
    of reality. For instance Physics cannot define
    mass, length and time. Physics can only point to
    a Brass Cylinder, Platinum Rod and Cesium Clock,
    and ask for a popular vote as to "whether the
    majority believes these are specimens of mass, length
    and time". All of Physics is based upon that
    majority opinion. Physics has never claimed that
    it could explain the a priori existence of reality.
    Physics can only explain the LAWS of reality, it
    cannot explain the a priori existence of reality itself.
      Religion on the other hand DOES explain the a priori
    existence of reality. It simply says that God created
      What I am here to point out, is that Science, just
    like it can discover the existence of mass, length and
    time, CAN discover the existence of God... and it HAS.
    And, this in no way refutes the statement that "God
    created Physics, and all the rest of reality".

    [Hamid Aziz]
    The interpretation of "miracles" is psychological
    but not in the way described by this writer.

    This is a good topic for leisurely armchair discussion
    after we have established the more basic and central
    scientific proposition that is under discussion.

    [Hamid Aziz]
    Water is certainly a symbol for consciousness and the ground state of
    existence or space-time and the Whale swims in it. The Sun is a symbol for
    the source of the light. It is the spirit of God which moved over thewaters
    and created light.

    Yes, the Prophets are the masters of literary illumination
    of the divine and miraculous. They have no peers
    in that regard. Even the classical poets wither before them.

    Hamid S. Aziz
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