relativity and YEC

Date: Sat Oct 13 2001 - 11:40:40 EDT

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    Dear List,

    I recently heard an argument that relativity could
    be used to allow for a 6000 year old earth. It is
    essentially something of the form of a variable c
    argument. There were no numbers, only hand waving,
    but let's say that within 23 hours, the heavens
    and the earth passed through some 15 billion years
    of history (when compared with the uniformitarian
    assumption of a fixed value for c).

    I _suspect_ such a model would reap havoc
    on any cosmological models of an expanding universe
    (which the advocate didn't appear to deny). Another
    aspect that must be shown is how we obtained the
    current distribution of elements given that c was
    so much larger during most of this "brief" (23 hour)
    history of the universe. Likewise the distribution
    of stars and galaxies should be affected.
    Finally, I would expect
    that we should see some definite evidence of changes
    in the H line red shift for very distant stars since
    this would be looking at the beginning of time (the
    first 23 hours of the universe when c was much larger
    than it is now). It would also affect radioactive

    Is anyone familiar with this argument and what YEC
    folk would need to show to make it even plausible.

    By Grace along we proceed,

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