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Date: Fri Oct 12 2001 - 10:37:01 EDT

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    You must define all the terms you use. Newton already knew that things
    evolve. The question is how much they actually did. We can tinker with
    existing things and nature may do the same, but how much change is possible
    or allowable? We can get gold out of lead, but can we get cats out of dogs.

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    > Moorad said:
    > You can use the word evolution in everything you say and do. The challenge
    > is to relate the evolutionary theorIES to the practical sciences and I am
    > sure that there is none! Moorad
    > Me: Moorad, do you consider conservation biology and ecology to be a
    > practical sciences? Evolutionary principles underlie much of conservation
    > biology and ecology.
    > Jim Behnke

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