Mass exodus begins on November 4, 2001

Date: Thu Oct 11 2001 - 18:20:59 EDT

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    URGENT BREAKING NEWS -- Please Read and Forward
    From: Gospel for Asia & the All India Christian Council
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    Dear Friends in Christ,

    I can’t overstate the importance and urgency of this email regarding the probability of a revival that could begin in India on November 4, 2001. Three hundred million Dalits (low-caste "untouchables") are on the verge of leaving the caste system. This is a gateway for us to present the Gospel to these millions and more!

    Over the past few months, high-level leaders representing no less than 300 million Dalits have been in dialogue with the All India Christian Council. (The AICC is the largest Evangelical network in India with membership of over 2,000 mission organizations, denominations and other Christian entities.) Their simple request was: "The only way for our people to find freedom from 3,000 years of slavery is to quit the caste system and embrace another faith. Christianity offers hope for us. We are happy for our people to become Christians... Can you help us?"

    This request culminated in a historic meeting on September 7, 2001 in Hyderabad, India where over 740 of the top evangelical leaders from across India met with 26 top Dalit leaders to discuss how this movement should be handled. Dr. Joseph D'Souza and Dr. K.P. Yohannan (president of Gospel for Asia) give leadership to the AICC which is committed to mobilize the Church body to respond to this most urgent challenge. Gospel for Asia is one of the largest church planting movements in the subcontinent and has been busy taking concrete steps to respond to this move of God.

    This mass exodus begins on November 4, 2001. One this date, one million low-caste Dalits are expected to meet in New Delhi, India for a mass conversion event to Buddhism. Now, by God's grace, the option of finding freedom through Christ will also be presented.

    Will you please stand in the gap and get involved on behalf of millions who may end up following the Lord Jesus? Please visit our website at for more information on how you can get involved.

    ***IMPORTANT NOTE: You can play a key part in reaching these millions of Dalits.

    FIRST: If this urgent message has touched your heart, please consider forwarding it to your friends, family and church so that we can encourage Christians everywhere to pray -- please copy and paste this message into a new email to ensure a quality communication.

    NEXT: Commit yourself to serious prayer for the Dalits of India. Sign up at for weekly updates on this revival so you prayers can be specific and timely.

    THEN: We also need to see resources released to meet the overwhelming needs such as sending church planters, printing Bibles and producing radio broadcasts in the languages of the Dalits, etc. Please visit our website at to find out how you can help.

    For those who have never heard,
    Gospel for Asia & AICC Staff

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    . Thank You, and may God bless you.

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