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From: george murphy (
Date: Thu Oct 11 2001 - 20:10:59 EDT

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    "Moorad Alexanian" wrote:

    > George by now I think you should know the difference between theories or
    > explanations of origins and theories or explanations of physical systems that
    > are amenable to experimentation. Moorad

            I know the distinction between "origins science" and "operations science"
    which is beloved of creationists & IDers but it's spurious. As far as I know it
    is not made by scientists in planning & carrying out research or by philosophers
    of science.
            Origins of what? Is there a distinction in embryology between "origins
    embryology" and "operations embryology"? Is study of the initial stages of
    stellar evolution "a theory of origins" or an "explanation of a physical system
    that is amenable to experimentation"? The answer is "both".
            Of course science can't answer the question of ultimate origins - why does
    a universe exist? But questions of penultimate origins are fair game, & science
    has done a decent job of dealing with them, both theoretically & observationally.
    Big bang theories have consequences which can be confronted with observations &
    fare pretty well in that confrontation.
            The distinction you're traying to make is just a way of setting out a God
    of the gaps view. & in spite of the dubious article defending such views in the
    recent PSCF, such views have no scientific or theological merit.



    George L. Murphy
    "The Science-Theology Interface"

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