RE: Evolution predictions and medicine: (was re: Challenge)

From: Moorad Alexanian (
Date: Thu Oct 11 2001 - 19:30:50 EDT

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    George by now I think you should know the difference between theories or
    explanations of origins and theories or explanations of physical systems that
    are amenable to experimentation. Moorad

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    >Moorad Alexanian wrote:
    >> Physicists can forget all about the Big Bang and still do 99.9999% of all
    >> the physics that there is. Show me why that is not the same in medicine and
    >> even biology.
    > Physicists can also forget about QCD or the classical theory of
    >elascticity & do 99.9999% of all the physics that there is - if they're
    >focussed specialists who are only interested in how their little specialty
    >into the big picture ("pinheads" one of my doctoral profs called them). But
    >they're actually physicists, or some approximation to what used to be called
    >"natural philosophers", they'll hardly be content with that. I would think
    >the same is true in biology.
    >George L. Murphy
    >"The Science-Theology Interface"

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