Re: Comments on Crews' review (NY Review of Books) and an alternative view

Date: Tue Oct 09 2001 - 20:25:10 EDT

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    Ted Davis wrote:

    Mainly I find his review unwilling to take seriously
    the idea on which the ASA is based, namely that genuine
    biblical religion, with belief in a God who exists
    before and apart from the creation, can make sense of
    the world of science. Crews simply *assumes* that
    science couples well only with irreligion, and I reject
    that assumption not only as a Christian with a knowledge
    of science but also as an historian with a knowledge of
    Christianity and science.

    Of course, I must confess I am a Christian. However,
    what actually struck me more was that his style (particularly
    in part II) was akin to the nitpicker who feels some
    penchant obligation to trash everything and anything
    that comes their way. With a shifty style like that,
    I could probably trash any great literary work as well.
    By the end of it, the attitude became so predictable, that
    I was reminded of the vapid religionist who sounds more
    like a used car salesman than a serious apologist.

    by Grace we do proceed,

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