Re: How do we escape the enlightenment terms natural and supernatural

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Date: Mon Oct 08 2001 - 18:19:11 EDT

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    How about regular/irregular or ordinary/extraordinary?


    >Loren Wilkinson's excellent essay in "Darwin Defeated: The
    >Johnson-Lamoureux Debate on Biological Origins" made the point that
    >the terms natural and supernatural come from the
    >enlightenment. Following C.A. Coulson (the person to coin "God of the
    >Gaps"), Wilkinson argues that a fuller Christian view sees that everything
    >we see reflects miracle in a very real sense, but the sense of miracle
    >is diminished because we are used to seeing it. For example the idea
    >of supernatural versus natural is foreign to the psalms which see
    >God providing rain, snow, etc.
    >Having become conscious of the inappropriateness of these terms, I am
    >finding that I lack a vocabulary with which to replace them. How do we
    >construct a more Christian way of looking at and speaking about
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