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    The issue of the terms natural(physical) and supernatural came up in a debate
    I had with an atheist about "Is there a God?" I had to know exactly what I
    meant by the physical in order to know what is the supernatural. I think the
    subject matter of science is based on data collected by mechanical,
    electrical, nuclear, etc. devices. Any data that cannot be collected, in
    principle, by mechanical devices cannot be part of the subject matter of
    science. I consider man more than a mechanical device since man can detect
    God. To some this seems like an arbitrary definition, but all definitions are
    and without one, one does not know what one is talking about. Moorad

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    >>the terms natural and supernatural come from the enlightenment...Having
    become conscious of the inappropriateness of these terms, I am finding that I
    lack a vocabulary with which to replace them. How do we construct a more
    Christian way of looking
    >at and speaking about Creation?<
    >One traditional way of describing things (e.g., Westminster Confession of
    Faith, V, 3) is to refer to the use of means or ordinary providence, as
    opposed to other ways in which God works.
    >The proper use of the term miracle is debated. R. C. Sproul advocates
    limiting it to Biblical events in which means are set aside, rather than
    calling everything miraculous. It's about like evolution-define it before you
    use it and hope your
    >reader pays attention to your definitions.
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