Re: Destroying the myth about Copernicus and humanity

From: Michael Roberts (
Date: Mon Oct 08 2001 - 12:48:41 EDT

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    This needs to be broadcast to all your minister friends as well as they
    probably unthinkingly adopt a conflict thesis whether from typical liberal
    theology or from Henry Morris's version where the goodies and baddies are
    I do think that one of the reasons why ministers adopt creationism is that
    they assume the conflict thesis version of the history of science is the
    true one.

    Michael Roberts
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    Subject: Destroying the myth about Copernicus and humanity

    > All,
    > The latest issue of American Journal of Physics (Oct 2001), 1029-35,
    > contains a splendid article detailing a point that historians of science
    > least some of us) have been tring to get scientists to understand for
    > namely, that the old story about Copernicus dethroning humanity by moving
    > out of the center of the universe, is simply not true. The truth is
    > to the reverse.
    > Broadcast this to your scientific friends, who typically use this garbage
    > to browbeat religious believers, a la Carl Sagan.
    > Ted Davis

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