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Date: Mon Oct 08 2001 - 13:32:40 EDT

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    Dave & Terry,

    My sentiment exactly. However, there's one possible catch. It's my
    understanding that all of our ramblings end up in the ASA files. Does the
    moderator use some judgment on what enters into these files? Seems to me
    that this would be a good way to weed out the trivia and nonsense that, on
    occasion, graces this forum. With trivia, I mean to include this e-mail
    that I am writing now or the "Amens" that resulted from the initial e-mail,
    "Dear ASA moderator." None of these deal with the sort of topic for which
    the ASA forum was set up. With nonsense, I think we all know what this
    includes. ;-)

    Shalom (that's "peace and well being" to you, Mr. Hammond)

    Chuck Vandergraaf


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    Joel and Harry,
    I understand your frustration with some of the content. But I find that
    it takes me no more than a couple of seconds to move the cursor from the
    list to delete, which I do without looking at the senseless ramblings of
    some of the contributors. I have to do the same with the offers to make
    me rich in a hurry, and my current repeated offer of a seminar in Spanish
    on becoming a sales whiz. At least delete has not yet worn out.

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