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From: Dan Eumurian (
Date: Mon Oct 08 2001 - 01:12:18 EDT

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    A piano technicians listserv of which I used to be a member offered a
    primary list, along with specialized lists for college and university
    technicians, organizational issues and humor. Perhaps certain issues
    discussions that have turned into monologues could be voted on in
    accordance with fair-minded procedures and placed on a separate ASA list
    to be labeled "Side Issues" or something similar.

    Truth is not decided by majority vote, but when the needle gets stuck in
    the groove or when we're tempted to toss off a nasty post, we might wish
    to review the following, taken from, the ASA webpage:

    "What does the ASA believe?

    "As an organization, the ASA does not take a position when there is
    honest disagreement between Christians on an issue. We are committed to
    providing an open forum where controversies can be discussed without
    fear of unjust condemnation. Legitimate differences of opinion among
    Christians who have studied both the Bible and science are freely
    expressed within the Affiliation in a context of Christian love and
    concern for truth.

    "Our platform of faith has four important planks:

        1.We accept the divine inspiration, trustworthiness and authority of
    the Bible in matters of faith and conduct.

        2.We confess the Triune God affirmed in the Nicene and Apostle's
    creeds which we accept as brief, faithful statements of Christian
    doctrine based upon Scripture.

        3.We believe that in creating and preserving the universe God has
    endowed it with contingent order and intelligibility, the basis of
    scientific investigation.

        4.We recognize our responsibility, as stewards of God's creation, to
    use science and technology for the good of humanity and the whole world.

    "These four statements of faith spell out the distinctive character of
    the ASA, and we uphold them in every activity and publication of the

    Dan Eumurian
    La Crosse, WI

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