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Date: Mon Oct 08 2001 - 01:16:35 EDT

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    Dick Fischer responded to my musings:

    > WD: So if survivability is any measure of intelligence,

    DF: It isn't.

    In a sense, I agree with you and I intentionally wrote this
    in jest.

    Nevertheless, we humans _must_ demonstrate our God
    given gifts and that is strictly a day by day (perhaps moment
    by moment) matter. If I remotely recall (IIRR), the English
    language is littered with references to "dinosaurs" and
    "Neanderthals" (now both extinct) that indirectly imply that
    survivability _is_ a real measure of aptitude. It is our faith
    that the God fearing person is the one who will ultimately
    triumph over the wicked and the perverse, but "God fearing"
    does imply that we know our own responsibilities to that

    There are some possible scenarios where the human
    race could perish against all sincere, genuine and God
    fearing efforts to the contrary, but these examples are
    scant few compared to the multitude of foolish acts of
    rebellion to God's wishes.

    by Grace alone we proceed,

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