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From: George Hammond (
Date: Sun Oct 07 2001 - 18:32:08 EDT

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    george murphy wrote:
    > George Hammond wrote:
    > ..............................
    > > By virtue of discovering the worlds first scientific proof of God
    > > (which you are apparently unable to comprehend despite a PhD
    > > in Physics from John Hopkins)- I already am aware
    > > of the scientific explanation of the Trinity... I don't need to be
    > > bothered with the trivia of "early Church history" to explain it.
    > > I sir, am here to explain early Church history, not learn it.

    > I responded to this thread with a good deal of hesitation,
    > but thought that if Mr. Hammond wanted to discuss something besides
    > his "proof" it might be worth encouraging him.

      Despite your obvious opinion to the contrary, you are
    hardly in a position to "encourage", direct or advise me
    in any way. This is simply a preposterous presumption
    on your part.

    > In
    > addition, I wanted (as renamed subject line
    > indicates) to give a couple of suggestions
    > for those who wish to learn more about Islam
    > and its relations with Christianity. I
    > rather regret having done so, but the last
    > quoted sentence above does bring out more
    > clearly than anything else the delusional
    > character of Mr. Hammond's arguments. He
    > thinks that he can "explain history" without
    > the most basic knowledge of what happened
    > in history!

       The use of the world "delusional" is an ad hominem attack
    that has been banned officially by the list manager, and I
    would appeal to the list manager to restrain D. Murphy from
    engaging in such ad hominem attacks in the future. He seems
    to be under the impression that he has some special dispensation
    that others do not have in this regard. I would appreciate it if
    the list manager would politely disabuse him of this opinion.
      I would merely point out the continual and near total ad hominem
    nature of Dr. Murphy's comments about Hammond. He is far more interested
    in offering ad hominem opinions, "counsel", "authoritative advice", and
    "authoritative" pronouncements than he is in discussing factual
    information. In fact, one can only conclude from this that this is
    the main thrust and objective of Dr. Murphy. To assert that
    Mr. Hammond's arguments are "delusional" is both ad hominem and an
    unsupported assertion.
      Why Dr. Murphy, a Lutheran and/or Episcopal minister should be
    signing all of his posts "Shalom" is certainly another peculiar
    mystery admitting I think, some prima facie question as to his veracity.

    > Shalom,
    > George
    > George L. Murphy
    > "The Science-Theology Interface"

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