The roach

Date: Sat Oct 06 2001 - 00:50:03 EDT

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    I still find the roach a disgusting bug. But have
    you ever considered how long that roach has been
    around: 280 Million years! The roach has survived
    two major world extinctions: the Paleozoic to
    Mesozoic and the Mesozoic to Cenozoic boundaries.
    Of the billion species or so that have graced this
    planet, the number of survivers is maybe on the order
    of hundreds and I can only name about 5 off the top
    of my head.

    The modern human has been around for some 30 to 60
    thousand years give or take a few ten thousand years.
    Even the whole human history (4 million years) is but
    a fleeting flicker to the roach.

    So if survivability is any measure of intelligence,
    we have very a long ways to go before _we_ can claim
    we have even half the brain of a roach: yet we are
    supposed to be the most intelligent species on this
    planet, chosen by God, and granted dominion over all
    the other living creatures. The real test has only
    begun, and we are still quarreling about the mere
    pettiest of matters on evolution and creation.

    Sigh, by Grace alone we proceed,

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