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Date: Fri Oct 05 2001 - 19:47:26 EDT

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    Having read the Introduction and Chapters 3 and 4 of your book "The
    Origins Solution" the following matters are now clear to me:

    (1) You are convinced (as are many on this list) that the findings of
    science confirm beyond doubt the fact of evolution - and it is with
    considerable zeal that you have set out to impart this 'truth' to

    (2) You appear to honour the Word of God as special revelation (as do
    many on this list) for you say "we can learn the specific things of God
    from His Word we could not know from observing nature alone..." , but
    then you appear to _unsay_ this with "God's written Word can adapt to
    whatever we learn, whenever we learn it." This approach inevitably
    allows you to align what you refer to as 'The Book of Words' (the
    Judeo-Christian Scriptures) with the 'book of works' (the natural world
    and universe).

    What troubles me with this whole agenda is your manipulation of the
    concept of 'special revelation'. Surely, by definition, this is a fixed
    and inviolable body of information that the Creator has graciously
    provided for our edification - information that we could obtain in no
    other way. So the logic of the situation for the Christian is that it is
    science that must yield to this revealed truth - and not vice-versa!

    But how then are the inconsistencies arising from a comparison of these
    records to be settled in favour of God's Word? Quite simply, in my view.
    Scientists need to seriously address the fundamental assumption that
    their observations - together with what is observed - are immune to
    supernatural influence. The fact is that no guarantee of such immunity
    has ever been given! Indeed, God's revelation is replete with examples
    of supernatural interference in the affairs of mankind. Three notable -
    and, for our purposes, particularly helpful - instances may be found in
    1Kings 22:19-22, Job 1:6-12 and Job 2:1-7. In each case we are given a
    rare glimpse of decisions and activities taking place in the 'courts of
    heaven' which have a direct bearing on earthly events.

    It is instructive to observe God's role in these matters. In the first,
    he is intent on finding the means by which he might engineer the
    destruction of his enemy, Ahab; the agreed stratagem involving the use
    of evil spirits. Job's case is somewhat different. Here is a man loved
    by God who, despite that (or should it be, because of that?), is allowed
    to suffer at Satan's hands. Clearly, the Lord has an agenda, and it is
    highly likely that such events have been repeated throughout history as
    he gradually brings his grand plan to fruition. It is appropriate in
    this context that we remember the Lord's stated intent to 'destroy the
    wisdom of the wise' (eg Isaiah 29:14). That being so, is it reasonable
    to suppose he would allow atheistic scientists - intent on proving he
    doesn't exist! - to proceed unmolested?

    Another feature of special revelation that is germane to the present
    discussion is God's 'giving over' of his enemies to their own devices
    (eg Ps.81:12, Ro.1:28}. In other words, he allows them to indulge the
    fancies that must lead to their eventual downfall. Indeed, more than
    that, he has promised to send them 'strong delusion that they should
    believe a lie' (2Thess.2:11). It is interesting that the fulfilment of
    this prophecy is timed to coincide with a great apostasy (our own time
    comes to mind!). What gives the prophecy particular relevance to this
    discussion is its reference to 'satanic power, signs and lying wonders.'
    (v9). Since there can be little doubt that the integrity of God's
    revelation to man is seriously challenged by the doctrine of evolution
    and its demands for a large time-scale, we might well conclude that this
    indeed is the 'lie' alluded to in the foregoing prophesy.

    Finally, let me point to my own numerical discoveries in the original
    Hebrew of the Bible's opening verse as tangible evidence of the being
    and sovereignty of God, the reality of the supernatural, and the strong
    likelihood of my views, as expressed here and elsewhere, being true. To
    parody the words of one of our current generation of sages: "The simple
    acceptance of God's revelation enables one to be an
    intellectually-fulfilled Christian and YEC."


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