Re: YEC, the Moon, and comets

From: Brent Foster (
Date: Fri Oct 05 2001 - 13:43:32 EDT

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    I may be demonstrating my ignorance of physics here, but why would the earth's spin rate have any effect on the moon's orbit? I understand that tidal friction causes a slowing of the earth's rotation. But I don't see how the moon's orbit would change as a result, as long as the mass of both objects is constant.


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    >> 1. The Moon's orbit shows evidence of a young earth. I couldn't see
    >> logic here.
    >Due to tidal friction, the moon moves away from the earth about 3/4 of an
    >inch each year, with the rate of outward drift decreasing each year as
    >the earth-moon distance increases. Quoting from _In the Beginning_ by
    >Walt Brown:
    >"Moon Recession
    >As tidal friction gradually slows the earth's spin, the laws of physics
    >require the moon to recede from the earth. This recession has been
    >observed since 1754. Even if the moon began orbiting near the earth's
    >surface, the moon should have moved to its present distance in several
    >billion years less time than the 4.6 billion-year age that evolutionists
    >assume for the earth and moon. Consequently, the earth-moon system must
    >be much younger than evolutionists assume." (p 28)


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