AAAS, ESSSAT and science ranking of Sci-Rel groups?

From: George Hammond (
Date: Fri Oct 05 2001 - 07:08:53 EDT

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      I have been poking around in Sci-Rel organizations on the
    Internet for awhile, but am not really familiar with the
    Sci-Rel terrain.
      What I am trying to figure out is where the most sophisticated
    scientific expertise is located. For instance some groups may
    limit discussion to popular science themes such as Biology,
    Paleontology, Evolution, Biblical Scripture etc., while other groups
    may be discussing more challenging subjects such as Quantum Mechanics,
    Relativity, and Psychology.
      In terms of scientific sophistication then, I am wondering what
    the thumbnail map of the available groups might be, for instance I
    have (by sheer guesswork) ranked the following groups in descending
    order of perhaps technical scientific expertise.
       Of course in many cases this is comparing Apples to Oranges, but
    I have tried to exclude groups that are purely Philosophical or
    narrowly technical. These groups all seem to be "general scientific" in
      Any informative commentary about these organizations by people who
    are members or may be otherwise knowledgeable about the forensic interests
    of these organizations would be helpful:

    1. American Association for the
            Advancement of Science
           Dialogue Between
           Science and Religion

    2. European Society for
           the Study of Science
           and Theology (ESSSAT)

    3. John Templeton

    4. Chicago Center for Religion and Science
            (has changed its name to)
           Zygon Center for Religion and Science

    5. The Vatican

    6. Boston Theological
           Institute: Religion and
           Science Program

    7. Center for Theology
           and the Natural
           Sciences (CTNS)

    8. Institute for Theological
           Encounter with Science
           & Technology (ITEST)

    9. American Scientific
           Affiliation (ASA)

    10. Institute on Religion in
           an Age of Science (IRAS)

    11. Counterbalance:
           Integration of Science
           and Religion

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