Re: Are Moslems a "3rd Denomination" of Christianity?

From: George Hammond (
Date: Thu Oct 04 2001 - 20:18:56 EDT

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    Lucien S Carroll wrote:
    > Hammond, your question demonstrates that you have either not read *any* of
    > the Koran, or not read the bible. Your post also demonstrates that you
    > don't know what transliteration means.

    Au contraire, the Koran contains the following:

    God (Allah in Arabic)
    rules supreme: he is the all-powerful, all-knowing, and
    all-merciful Being who has created the world and its creatures;
    he sends messages and laws through prophets to help guide
    human existence; and, at a time in the future known only to him,
    he will bring about the end of the world and the Day of
    Judgment. Adam, the first man, is expelled from Paradise for
    eating from the forbidden tree. Noah builds an ark to save a
    select few from a flood brought on by the wrath of God.
    Abraham prepares himself to sacrifice his son at God's bidding.
    Moses leads the Israelites out of Egypt and receives a
    revelation on Mount Sinai. Jesus -- born of the Virgin Mary
    and referred to as the Messiah -- works miracles, has
    disciples, and rises to heaven.

    Quoted from:

    In view of these simple facts alone, your statement that:

    " Islam in general is in no sense Christian."

    is obviously a hasty, ill considered, crude, prejudicial
    and patently false assertion.
      And BTW, by "transliteration" I mean it is an "exegetical
    cultural translation".

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