YEC, the Moon, and comets

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Date: Thu Oct 04 2001 - 17:04:02 EDT

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    Last week, a Christian group at my workplace hosted a speaker from the
    organization "Reasons to Believe". The man spoke about the relationship
    between a science and faith. People in the audience commented about
    problem areas such as evolution vs. Genesis, the age of the earth, and
    intelligent design. The speaker was very familiar with ASA. Some in the
    audience were surprised when he said he believed the earth to be very old
    and that evolution probably happened.

    Afterwards, I had a conversation with someone who believed in a 6000-year
    old earth who gave the following points in favor of his position:

    1. The Moon's orbit shows evidence of a young earth. I couldn't see the
    logic here.
    2. Comets are evidence of a young earth, since they are short-lived and a
    source for these comets has never been proven to exist. He rejected the
    existence of the "Oort Cloud". Ironically, I asked him if it would bother
    him if the Oort Cloud was proven to exist and he said "no".

    Any comments about these arguments from anyone in this forum?

    Dale Stalnaker

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