RE: Are Moslems a "3rd Denomination" of Christianity?

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Date: Thu Oct 04 2001 - 16:28:37 EDT

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    Mr. Hammond,

    I would not consider Muslims a "third denomination of Christianity." Maybe
    it's best to summarize Christianity as "the saving power of a crucified and
    risen Christ or Saviour." My understanding of the Muslim religion is that
    they have to work to gain eternal life. Same goes for Mormons (if I'm not
    mistaken). If one has to divide Christianity into denominations, I would
    consider the following three: Orthodox (Russian, Greek, Ukrainian, etc.),
    Roman Catholic, and Protestant. But these divisions don't do justice to
    many denominations such as the Coptic Church and may well be an


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      I have never actually read the entire Koran,
    but I've heard many experts comment on it.
    Apparently it is a near copy and transliteration
    of the Christian Bible effected by Mohammed around
    700 A.D.
      Moslems believe there is a God, identical to the
    Christian God and the Moslem name of God is rendered
    as "Allah".
      The Mormons have their own "transliteration" of
    the Christian Bible called the "Book of Mormon"
    transliterated by their prophet Smith, and they
    certainly consider themselves Christians.
      After all, Catholics and Protestants are both
    considered Christian denominations because they
    recognize the NT, but Islam also recognizes Jesus
    and the NT in it's interpretation. Why then isn't
    Islam essentially another Christian denomination?
      Should Christianity consider Islam as
    "The 3rd Denomination" of Christianity after
    Catholicism and Protestantism?

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