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Date: Thu Oct 04 2001 - 12:40:36 EDT

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    George Hammond wrote:

    > george murphy wrote:
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    > > > [Hammond]
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    > > > Bush had a chance to pump $1.3 trillion into Fusion over
    > > > 10 years. Instead he opted for a tax cut.
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    > > Certainly no law of physics rules out controlled fusion -
    > > witness the sun.
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    > > it's unrealistic to see it as our first response
    > > There is no magic bullet - fission, fusion, hydrogen combustion, &c.
    > > What we ought to be working toward now is a mix -
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    > [Hammond]
    > Yuh... this is the usual laid back American rap about the
    > energy crisis. We hear it day in and day out from our masters
    > in Washington.
    > Problem is, the 3rd World has apparently found a big gun and
    > it is now pointed at us. They have discovered apparently:
    > 1. Islam owns 4/5's of the world's remaining oil and
    > at the same time is apparently the militant voice
    > of the 3rd world.
    > 2. The Russians are standing right behind them with
    > Nuclear weapons guaranteeing that that NATO nor the
    > US can forcibly take the oil fields.
    > 3. They just did $40 billion in damage in NY and DC, and
    > notice that nothing has happened, nor is anything likely
    > to happen other than another $40 billion being spent on
    > security overtime guarding the local woods against
    > terrorism.
    > So, my conclusion is, that the days of the laid back American
    > rap about Windmills and miracle carburetors is about over. It's
    > either going to be figure out how to build a Fusion reactor,
    > or start chopping wood.

        Nothing either "usual American" or "laid back" about what I said, as
    is clear if one reads what was snipped from my post. I said that we need
    to "reduce (not eliminate) use of oil." That will require a major change
    in American attitudes & practice & I'm not terribly optimistic about
    people being willing to do that.
        Again, there is "no magic bullet." That includes fusion - if & when
    we get the problems solved - as well as magic carburetors.



    George L. Murphy
    "The Science-Theology Interface"

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