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Date: Thu Oct 04 2001 - 12:26:56 EDT

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    Allan Harvey wrote:

    >As much as I disagree with Mr. Johnson on some matters, and as much as I
    >wish he would *voluntarily* be silent rather than pursuing his misguided
    >anti-evolution crusade, I join with others on this list (everybody but
    >one person as far as I can tell) in wishing God's comfort and healing for
    >this brother. And I could use God's healing for that part of me that is
    >tempted to wish him ill.

    I suspect the "one person" is presumed to be me.

    There is a movie called The Mission that I have seen 20 or 30 times. I
    think every Christian youth group, indeed every Christian, should see the
    film and discuss its messages. Set in the 1700's when Brazil is handed
    over to Portugal by Spain, it focuses on a small group of Jesuit priests
    who have set up a Christian mission in that region. The Jesuits were
    committed to absolute obedience to the Catholic hierarchy. Yet when the
    leader of the priests (Jeremy Irons) is told to abandon his mission, he
    chooses instead to stay with his tribe of native converts. Others in his
    band of priests decide to organize the small tribe into a fighting
    force to resist the attacking Portuguese, thereby disobeying their leader
    who urged pacificism

    One of the priests played by Robert DeNiro constructs a crude cannon aimed
    at a bridge the Portuguese soldiers must cross. As he prepares to fire the
    cannon, a small boy is wounded, and he pauses to help the child. When he
    returns to the cannon, a soldier has disabled it, and now it won't
    fire. Even though I intellectually supported the pacifist position taken
    by the leader, in the emotion of the moment, I wanted the cannon to
    fire. It was a gut reaction that I would have recoiled from had I been
    asked outside of the immediate passion I felt at that instant.

    In the last scene only a few small children remain alive. All the adults
    and most of the children have been slaughtered. The handful of surviving
    children enter a canoe to paddle upriver and begin again. In the water by
    the canoe there is a broken violin which the natives produced as part of
    their crafts industry and a cross carried by the Jesuit leader when he died
    at the hands of the Portuguese. A native leader had even picked up the
    cross and carried it proudly into the blaze of gunfire before he too
    fell. A proud moment for those who love the cross. But now, a small naked
    girl pauses before entering the canoe. The violin is retrieved, the cross
    remains in the water.

    I wish no one ill. Not PJ. Not Osama Bin Laden. No one. Where there is
    life, there is hope. The hope of enlightenment. The hope of
    redemption. Of course, that is me in a moment of quiet reflection. In a
    moment of passion, you may get a passionate response.

    Dick Fischer - The Origins Solution -
    "The answer we should have known about 150 years ago"

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