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From: George Hammond (
Date: Thu Oct 04 2001 - 12:09:50 EDT

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    george murphy wrote:


    > > [Hammond]

    > > Bush had a chance to pump $1.3 trillion into Fusion over
    > > 10 years. Instead he opted for a tax cut.


    > Certainly no law of physics rules out controlled fusion -
    > witness the sun.


    > it's unrealistic to see it as our first response

    > There is no magic bullet - fission, fusion, hydrogen combustion, &c.
    > What we ought to be working toward now is a mix -


      Yuh... this is the usual laid back American rap about the
    energy crisis. We hear it day in and day out from our masters
    in Washington.
      Problem is, the 3rd World has apparently found a big gun and
    it is now pointed at us. They have discovered apparently:

    1. Islam owns 4/5's of the world's remaining oil and
        at the same time is apparently the militant voice
        of the 3rd world.

    2. The Russians are standing right behind them with
        Nuclear weapons guaranteeing that that NATO nor the
        US can forcibly take the oil fields.

    3. They just did $40 billion in damage in NY and DC, and
        notice that nothing has happened, nor is anything likely
        to happen other than another $40 billion being spent on
        security overtime guarding the local woods against

    So, my conclusion is, that the days of the laid back American
    rap about Windmills and miracle carburetors is about over. It's
    either going to be figure out how to build a Fusion reactor,
    or start chopping wood.

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