Re: Evolution and the Image of god...a friendly challenge to Moorad (fwd)

From: Joel Cannon (
Date: Thu Oct 04 2001 - 11:55:59 EDT

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    Burgy responded:

    > Joel noted that "B.B. Warfield, a seminal fundamentalists, called himself
    > a "Darwinian of the purest water.""
    > That's true, of course. But in reading the latest book on Warfield last
    > year, I suggest that he was using the term "Darwinian" in a different
    > sense than, for example, Dawkins, Gould, etc. use it. Even in a different
    > sense than most ASA members might use it (I personally stay away from the
    > term).
    > Griffin's book, which I recently reviewed, has a rather excellent (IMHO)
    > discussion of the term "Darwinism," dissecting it into 14 parts. I talk
    > about this in my review at the web site below.
    > John Burgeson (Burgy)

    A quick post since I am heading out of town.

    I am sure there are differences in what "Darwinian" means,
    particularly in the case of Phillip Johnson who defines Darwinian in a
    tautological sense where it is dysteleogical by definition. I would be
    interested in hearing more.

    Most importantly however, whatever the differences, the quote
    indicates a prominent theologian who was far more comfortable from a
    Christian viewpoint with evolution than Moorad seems to be (or than
    intelligent design advocates).

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