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Date: Wed Oct 03 2001 - 20:08:08 EDT

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    "Vandergraaf, Chuck" wrote:

    > Mr. Hammond,
    > You write, "...A 757 at 500 mph could probably dive right through the
    > containment building and explode the core all over the place causing the
    > evacuation of millions and radioactive contamination for hundreds of miles.
    > Hitting 4 of them at once would have done
    > a half a trillion dollars in damage."
    > A debate on energy supply would benefit more if it were based on fact and
    > not on assumptions and preconceived ideas. Unless you can show convincingly
    > that a 757 @ 500 mph can penetrate a concrete containment enclosure around a
    > nuclear reactor, your statement is little more than scare mongering and
    > that's the last thing we need, especially in this time of crisis. CANDUs
    > and PWRs have concrete enclosures, not flimsy metal structures like that
    > surrounding the RBMK reactors at Chornobyl. Could a 747, 757, or 767
    > penetrate a concrete shell around a PWR or CANDU? I don't know but I aim to
    > find out.
    > Fusion reactors are no solution to our energy problems. Even after throwing
    > billions of dollars into research on fusion, there is little to show for.
    > Wishing for fusion reactors will not materialize them, no matter how tight
    > we close our eyes and wish. In addition, contrary to popular opinion,
    > fusion reactors generate lots of radioactive waste.
    > If no fission reactors, then what? "Curse the darkness?"

            FWIW US News & World Report had an article on security & safety problems
    with power reactors in its 17 September issue - done before the 11 Sept
    attacks. There are problems, though not of an apocalyptic scale.
            I used to be very enthusiastic about fusion, but then I'm a theorist.
    We need to get a fusion reactor that actually works before we start projecting
    fusion as a solution.



    George L. Murphy
    "The Science-Theology Interface"

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