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Date: Wed Oct 03 2001 - 12:33:12 EDT

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    Vernon Jenkins wrote:

    >While every Christian must share your concern regarding those who are
    >either ignorant of, or refuse to accept, the gospel of Christ, I believe
    >your approach to the matter is seriously flawed.
    >First, you appear to be claiming some kind of divine authority for
    >evolution. Indeed, it seems you regard it as an integral and essential
    >part of the gospel! Whilst I believe this notion to be complete
    >nonsense, I am nevertheless intrigued by the claim, and invite you to
    >substantiate it.

    I wrote a chapter on exactly that. Go to my web site and click on Chapter 3.

    >Then there is the matter of the closing paragraph of your last email in
    >which you say of Phillip Johnson, "... at the very least he is an
    >He takes uninformed Christians and makes them misinformed Christians.
    >Armed with misinformation, they muddy the waters, obscuring
    >the truth from those who might otherwise seek it."
    >I really think you should explain what you have in mind here. Some
    >examples of his 'opportunism' and 'misinformation' would help.

    Read his stuff and draw your own conclusions. Read my stuff and do the same.

    >When I last wrote to you I quoted a few lines from his 'The Wedge of
    >Truth'(pp.128-129). Here's how it opens, "Science should never fear
    >honest intellectual tools such as precise use of terms, unbiased
    >investigation of evidence and refusal to accept unjustified extrapolations."

    If PJ comments on jurisprudence, where he has a doctorate degree, then I would
    consider him an authority. I am unaware of any formal scientific or
    training. My masters degree is in theology, for example. I don't see how
    he is
    qualified to make statements about either of those subjects. As for "unbiased
    investigation." How has he investigated the mechanics of genetic change, for
    example? I have. How has he studied the phyletic tree of life that indicates
    mutual shared common ancestry as Glenn Morton has? How has he studied
    biological evolution as Keith Miller has? In short, he exhorts others to
    do what
    he, as far as I know, has not.

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